Higher Elevation Fishing

Here's a black and white of Porphry Peak near the Copper Basin.  No thunderstorms today but we have certainly been in the pattern.


Here's another whitefish pic.  Why another?  Well, I found a dead Whitefish on the bank of the E. Fork of the Lost today and it was obviously the result of an unhappy fisherman.  Here's the logic: "The whitefish is getting in the way of catching what I want to catch so I'll just throw it on the bank to die and that's one less to worry about."  Despite the negative stigma, the whitefish, not trout, is believed to be the only indigenous fish to the Lost River watershed.  Treat them with respect.  Don't nymph and you'll catch FAR fewer.  Or, better yet, learn to appreciate their presence.


Bahamas or Idaho?