Aerial View of Unknown Lake

Here's a shot of a lake I don't know the name of taken on Monday while flying out of the Middle Fork of the Salmon.  The reflection of the clouds and the lone boat struck me.  I did not notice a single road leading to the lake.



Well...Here's a quick river update:  The Wood is gaining volume fast and loosing clarity as well.  At the moment, it's flowing at 1,010 cfs.  I'd say it's still fishable in certain spots, but will not be for long.  The historic mean for today is 1,550 cfs.

The Lost is still flowing at an unprecedented level for this time of year: 206 cfs.  It's historic mean for today is 892 cfs.  Mackay reservoir is full and essentially what is flowing in is flowing out.  So...any big change in the flow on the Upper Lost or an agricultural call for more water should bring the Lower Lost's flow up substatntially.  For now though, it's an early season bonus.

Silver Creek is flowing just about on par for this time of year at 120 cfs.  Hatches have been spotty but over all decent fishing.  Pmd's and baetis plus small terrestrials have been the ticket.  Brown drakes are what many of us are waiting for on the lower river--below the highway 20 bridge.  It's been cool and wet and could really come off any day now.  While it gets pretty crowded, if you have never witnessed the brown drakes, it is absolutely worth checking out.  The hatch can be face tickling prolific!  For me, brown drakes is the official start of summer.