Water Levels and Mate' On The River

At 2PM or so, even on the river, some caffeine is nice.  I just fished with two gentlemen for three days, one of whom is from Argentina and carries the often social tradition of drinking mate.  There is an accent mark after the "e" in mate but I cannot figure out how to show it.  Anyway, the fine art of distributing the yerba properly in the gourd, pouring the hot water in such a way some yerba is left dry until later on and the overall process and social aspect made for some fun caffenated afternoons.  Here's a shot of the gourd and bombilla (straw).



On a fishing note, the Big Wood was even higher today at a nice crisp 1,620 cfs this AM (the median for today is 1,020) and the advanced hydrologic prediction shows a VERY gradual decline in streamflow over the next ten days.  Green Drakes are starting to show up on the Wood and if you have the guts and wading will-power to fish it, it could prove worthwhile.  The Big Lost is also flowing on the high side at about 1,120 cfs.  Silver Creek has been pretty inconsistent.  A few tricos are starting to show up in the AM along with baetis, pmd's, some callibaetis and thank goodness for the few but noticeable green drakes.

Big Wood side channel:


Just what in the world is this?

...A thunderhead above Silver Creek I captured today.