Post Summer Solstice & Water Conditions

OK, so just how are our water conditions compared to the past?  If it was not for the USGS streamflow updates online I would say the water is much higher than normal.  The water clarity, however, is turning for the better and there is some visibility.  I guess I am just antsy for lower water as the flow on the Big Wood as I write this is 1,260 cfs and the 94 year median for now is 1,280 cfs.  We are essentially right on the mark for this time of year.  I also just took a look at the advanced hydrologic prediction for the Wood and IF it is close to accurate the river will be very slowly dropping and should be somewhere around 975 CFS by June 30th.  We'll see.

The Big Lost is running at a cool 816 cfs and the 94 year median for now is 815 cfs.  The good news is the Mackay reservoir is FULL.

While the water conditions seem to be on par at Silver Creek the fishing/hatches have not been very consistent on a day to day basis.  In other words, the creek has been tough.  A few green drakes, some baetis and some pmd's...  A callibaetis or two through the s-turns as well.