Silver Creek & Silver Creek and The First Two Weeks of June

Here's a frame that to me sums up our early June:


And then starting a little later than normal, the brown drakes, which to me is the official start to Summer.  Here's a single vibrant spinner amid the less colorful duns.


Earlier in the week I took my kids down to Silver Creek to witness brown drakes for the first time.  There were as many drakes in the grass as I have ever seen.

While my two boys cautiously walked through waves of bugs in the grass two fisherman from Boise showed up.  They were hoping to catch the brown drake thing and, well, they happened to come on the biggest spinner fall night of the year.  The fish were not always feeding frenetically as they just might get full on the overly abundant giant mayfly.  Here's one of the two very affable fisherman who managed to be at the right place at the right time: