11:30 PM at Silver Creek

While it's past midnight as I write this, here's one from tonight around 11 or so PM as folks were leaving.  It's always kinda cool to be one of the few left on the water.  The Turkish moon set around 10:20 and then it was all stars and headlamps from fisherman retying and car headlights filing out.  The emergence was small and late, at least where I was.  But...there were plenty of feeding fish between 10 and 11 PM.  This is a 15 minute exposure taken wide open at F2.8 at 21mm.



Here's a 9 minute exposure also taken at 2.8 and 21mm.  Three headlamps and star trails...  The north star is the least "blurry" of all the stars in this frame and the most prominent.



Moonset and a red sky.  The moonset was not too long after the sunset tonight and as a result there was a surreal quality to the sliver of the moon and the reddish light.  Taken at 300mm at just over a second at f5.



Just after sundown and as more brown drakes started emerging the sky was taking on a life of its own.