New Web site!!!

Well..., it's finally up and running.  This blog should be far more user friendly than my past blog and I hope it becomes useful in many ways.  I am using squarespace as my web publisher and they have some pretty cool features including an application for the iphone that allows me to manage much of this site remotely, which means I can be on the river or a shoot somewhere and speak to the conditions, hatches or lack therof, wind, or whatever it is I feel like rambling on about that is relevant enough to photography and or fly fishing.  I can also update this blog from my iphone.  That's just one of the cool features.  Another feature is, you can subscribe to this blog.  That's right, just go to the link on the right hand side of this page to do so.

I also plan on using this blog as a fishing report for the Sun Valley, ID area and other places I guide including Yellowstone.  It will be updated regularly...


More to come!