Additional Fallen Light Shots & Moose Peterson

Here are a few more last light shots taken 2 nights ago at Silver Creek near the Picabo Bridge. 

On another note, have you seen or heard of  If not, check it out.  It's free and you can set it up any number of ways including having it stumble through different photography Web sites.  I am a member and feel free to share some of your favorites.  Here's the URL:


Here's a beyond-the-ordinary photographer's site to check out:


While Moose Peterson doesn't know me, he has offered and continues to offer incredible advice.  He's got a great site and is very generous--generous is an understatement--with sharing his photography knowledge both behind the lens and in the digital darkroom.  His enthusiasm toward photography in general is contagious.  I have certainly gained a great deal from him.  A trip through his blog is a lesson unto itself.  So check it out...