Water Levels & More Rising Trout

Here are a few quick river flow updates:  Big Wood--632 cfs and the mean is 1,510 cfs

                                                                 Big Lost--218 cfs and the mean is 664 cfs

                                                                 Silver Creek--95 cfs and the mean is 123 cfs

                                                                 Silver Creek Temperature--58.1 degrees and the mean is also 58.1

Here are some river flow links to check out for yourself.  The Silver Creek USGS station also monitors the temperature.  Silver Creek:  http://waterdata.usgs.gov/id/nwis/uv?cb_00060=on&cb_00065=on&cb_00010=on&format=gif_stats&period=31&site_no=13150430

                     Big Wood:  http://waterdata.usgs.gov/id/nwis/uv?cb_00060=on&cb_00065=on&format=gif_stats&period=31&site_no=13139510

                     Big Lost:  http://waterdata.usgs.gov/id/nwis/uv?cb_00060=on&cb_00065=on&format=gif_stats&period=31&site_no=13127000


Here are a few more rising rainbow pics from today: