4 Winds Saloon & Dillon, MT

Here is Linda, the owner of the 4 Winds Saloon.  I have been wanting  to stop in for a long time and finally had my chance.  Her family bought the bar in 1972.  It's in Butte City which is just east of Arco, Idaho.  During the day she works as a laborer at one of the Idaho Nuclear Lab sites.  The folks in the 4 Winds were more than affable, in fact, we even got a two song guitar performance by Greg, a long time patron.  I asked Linda how many people over the years she had to kick out of the bar.  Her response was a smile and a walk to the bartender side where she quickly whipped out a menacing stick and struck the top of the bar.  She did so adeptly too.  She told of the people she's used the stick on over the years.  I am glad I am not one of those...  Her hat read, "4 Winds Bitch." 


On the fishing front, Zac Mayhew and I floated the Beaverhead yesterday.  Despite the beautiful weather the fishing was SLOW.  230 cfs and caddis but very few fish eating for us...




Here's Poindexter Slough.  Not a whole lot was going on.  Just a few caddis fluttered around.  Didn't see a fish feed on the surface.