Sunset At Silver Creek

Spent another beautiful evening at Silver Creek.  Ran into a rather old cow moose.  Plenty of grey hair on her back and had some difficulty walking.  There seem to be a lot of moose sightings at the moment within the Nature Conservancy. 

The Nature Conservancy held a meeting yesterday at the Preserve Cabin which was very well attended.  Mark Hill of Ecosystem Sciences Foundation out of Boise spoke and presented a slide show.  The Nature Conservancy has teamed up with Mark to develop a holistic watershed enhancement plan for the entire Silver Creek watershed including tributaries.  He showed a past project of his in the Owens Valley in California and how by pushing cattle and agricultural fields off the stream banks of watersheads, the streams run deeper, cooler and faster with far healthier streamside vegetation.  His slides served as good examples of how certain management policies really do help a watershed.  Siltation and water temps are two of the issues he discussed regarding Silver Cr.  In any event, if you have further questions contact Dayna, the preserve Manager or check out their site: