Fairfield In The Snow

I took a drive over to Fairfield yesterday in a near white out with two to three sloppy inches of snow on the road.  I was out looking for images.  Panos.  Black and white.  Falling snow shots.  Whatever I could find that interested me.  I was not really in a creative mood and was more focused on an intriguing story on NPR.  I grabbed a great cup of coffee at the Soldier Mountain Brewing Co. on Main St. in Fairfield (perpendicular to HWY 20).  I poked around on a back road and took less than a dozen shots.  I drove back by Silver Creek and that was that... Sunny today.  5 new inches on Baldy (Sun Valley) and back to a possibility of snow through the rest of the week.  Here's what I finished with yesterday:


Black and white is usually my first choice for this type of landscape.


Here's one from the same spot but in color.


And... a 6 image pano of grain silos near Picabo.