Induce or Deduce? It's What Fishing Is All About.

Generally it starts in the car.  Probably on my way over Trail Creek Summit with a couple of passengers.  We all have coffee and it's a mid-July morning.  The conversation is far from fishing and a word triggers me.  I hear it over an engaged point.  Something about wolf reintroduction and hunting and elk etc.  Someone says they deduced a fact.  And I say with a little grin, "No kidding?  How'd you deduce or induce that?" The two passengers have no idea that this interesting conversation on wolves is about to swiftly convert to an esoteric talk on what exactly is inducing versus deducing. These are often my favorite guide trip moments.  I usually don't know how someone will respond, but I'm curious.  In my rearview mirror I can see a passenger whip out his phone.  He's trying to find the dictionary application.  I tell him to reach under his seat and feel for a soft bound dictionary.  No cell service where we are.

45 minutes later we are pulling into the fishing spot and still highly engaged in the induce vs. deduce conversation.  I love it.  We have all learned something I deduce, and the passenger in my car had no idea when much earlier talking about wolves what kind of crazy conversation he would induce.


What I hope to convey is rather than who makes any word choice mistake, it's the conversation about off-the-wall or not often discussed topics that often makes for a better than average day on the water.


Here are a few long exposures.  I had a little fun with my headlamp in the first image.  I narrowed the beam on the foreground rock and water...