Looking Back And Now

The two images below were both taken last June and for whatever reason slipped through the cracks and never garnered any of my attention.  To me, they both really speak of June on Silver Creek which is not my favorite fishing month there but is certainly the month for which I look forward to the most.  Green.  Ominous clouds.  Ephemeral weather.  Relatively uncrowded.  Cloud-loving and non-clockwork hatches.  Too early in the season for mosquitoes.  Wildflower extravaganza.  Occasional hair raising thunderstorms.


As it is, though, now, water is funnelling through the wet snow on my roof and pouring down on to a spring like slush.  It is December; mid-December.  It rained much of the night last night.  Snow is changing to rain and rain is changing to snow like an indecisive child on a run of mind changing furor.  The low tonight is anticipated to be around 10.  The wind will surely pick up.  The soaked ground will freeze and harden unevenly.  Perhaps I'll head out and try and capture a few images...


 East Oxbow.  June, 2010


Nature Conservancy.  June, 2010