Last Day Of the Season In The Nature Conservancy

Today was the last day of the season for fishing on the Nature Conservancy Section of Silver Creek.  I spent the morning through the early afternoon down there.  It started out around 9 degrees and crept up to around 20 when I left.  I saw two midges in the snow on the bank.  That's right, two midges.  Had I stayed a little longer perhaps I would have seen 6 more...  In any event, it was a wonderful way to spend the final day of the season there.  And yes, a few nice fish were caught to top it off.  While the fishing may be closed through the winter in the Preserve, it is certainly worth heading down with skis or snow shoes and tromping around.  Plenty of birds, elk, etc...  We are pretty fortunate to have access to such a marvelous place.  Thanks go out to The Nature Conservancy!

Also, I am now profiled on the MidCurrent Web site within the fly fishing photography section.  Check it out, it's a great site:

 Panorama of the oxbow within the Nature Conservancy