Boiling River, Yellowstone

Here's an image from the mouth of the Boiling River at the Gardiner River.  It's really an incredible spot.  About a 1/2 mile walk each way on a well used path along the Gardiner River.  My kids could have stayed in it for hours and hours.

On a fishing note, as a result of the hot water dumping into the Gardiner River, many trout seek out these warmer temps during the winter.  Large browns also migrate up and out of the Yellowstone River to spwan here into December.  I did see one large spawning redd.


These rams are now grouping together and starting their annual rut.  They'll be fighting for superiority through January.

Lots of open space between Sun Valley, Idaho and Yellowstone:

A small patch of grass thrives in the travertine terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs:

 Mammoth Hot Springs:

A Bald Eagle looking for prey above the Gardiner River: