Coffee Cup

Here's an image taken with the iPhone of a 12 oz. coffee cup and natural light through a window.  Carrying the iPhone around is quite different than carrying a DSLR around as the iPhone is almost always in my pocket.  It certainly is fun to see what you can do with a camera phone.  All post processing was done on the phone as well.


I am off to Chico Hot Springs, Gardiner and Yellowstone starting tomorrow for about four days with my two sons.  All of us have been looking forward to this annual trek to the park when most of the roads are closed with very few people around.  The road from Gardiner (North Entrance) to Silver Gate (North East Entrance) stays open year round and is a beautiful drive.  I found what looks to be a fabulous cabin in Gardiner on the Yellowstone River where we will be staying for a few nights.  I'll report back if it is worthy of a repeat. 


Here are two images of Fall color taken yesterday on the Wood:




Bridge on the Big Wood River:


One last image taken with the iPhone.  Two lost teeth...