Salmon River

salmon river black & whiteLate Winter.  Salmon River, Idaho

salmon river fly fishingMatt Sherman getting the most out of a switch rod.  Salmon River

fly fishingLate Winter & Brown Hills.  Salmon River Near Challis, Idaho

fly fishingFully Engaged...

Spent the day on the Salmon River yesterday.  Warm weather and steel grey.  The high temp in Challis was near 60 and the river slowly crept up all day.  This is only a good thing as far as getting a few steelhead to get moving.  Only the higher elevations saw snow yesterday and last night.  Rains at lower elevations are stripping the snowpack.  It actually is starting to smell earthy and Spring-like as rotten Fall leaves are now exposed and decaying and once frozen dirt is softening and illiciting subtle hints of a cottowood stench that I can only associate with Spring near a river.


Nikon D3S and Nikon 24 pc-e lens