Edward Burtynsky Interview

Here's a link to a great interview with the photographer Edward Burtynsky: Interview

His photo book, Water, came out in November of 2013. Below are a few quotes from the interview that I found particularly eloquent:

"I’d say, actually, that I’ve been careful not to frame the work in an activist or political kind of way. That would be too restrictive in terms of how the work can be used in society and how it can be interpreted. I see the work as being a bit like a Rorschach test. If you see an oil field and you see industrial heroism, then perhaps you’re some kind of entrepreneur in the oil business and you’re thinking, “That’s great! That’s money being made there!” But, if you’re somebody from Greenpeace or whatever, you’re going to see it very differently. Humans can really reveal themselves through what they choose to see as the most important or meaningful detail in an image."

"There’s a certain point where you learn from your own editing. You just stop taking certain pictures because they never make it through. Your editing starts to inform your thinking, as far as where you want to go and what you want to look for when you’re making a photograph."

–Edward Burtynsky

To see a short slideshow of images in Water check out LensCulture's piece on Edward Burtynnsky HERE.