Nik Software's iPad Application Snapseed Review

Here are a few images I just took this evening with my Nikon D3S near Silver Creek. I have been struggling to find a method to upload RAW files from my Nikon bodies to an iPad to later edit on the iPad. What I just figured out is by setting your DSLR to capture RAW + JPEG or if you have two card slots setting one to capture in RAW and the other to capture in JPEG allows one to fully utilize any editing software on an iPad. By only selecting RAW the iPad can read the file but with a Nikon NEF file any editing software only displays a tiny thumbnail which makes it incredibly difficult to edit.
Ok, now that I can actually edit an image where the image appears on the iPad as it should, I must say that NIK Software's relatively new photo editing application, Snapseed is an incredible tool! From simple black and white conversion to selecting certain portions of an image to work on, to selective focus, frames, cropping, etc, this app seems to have it all. Without owning a laptop I can now process files on the very iPad I am now typing on, edit those images, then post them to this blog. Pretty cool stuff...
If you have an iPad this photo editing appplication is by far and away the best I have found.